Cashback Online Shopping Programs Are Gaining Attention With Analysts Globally. Kerching Is Taking

Cashback is a type of rebate that gives money back when someone makes a purchase. According to Statista, the global cashback industry is expected to be worth more than $200 billion a year by 2024, with statistics showing that 46% of cashback participants consider it a vital step in their purchase decisions. 

Power Retail Australia shares that 35% of online shoppers in the country have utilized money-back programs to make online purchases in the last six months of 2021. Over a third of online shoppers have used cashback benefits at least once in 2021 alone. Another 2022 study by Hootsuite and We Are Social shows that discounts and cashback coupons fall second to free delivery services in terms of what encourages consumers to make online purchases.

With this, many online cashback programs work to keep this hype up, and Kerching sets the bar high with its innovative and unique cash-saving benefit options.

Kerching is an Australian-owned online shopping platform that markets over 1600 retailers and 100 million products in Australia. They provide their users with the best shopping offers while enjoying a seamless online shopping experience.

The Mission to Help Customers Save

Kerching’s primary goal is to help Australians save money while shopping using their app. The company has innovated its e-commerce website with features highlighting many cost-saving benefits for its users.

It has created a price comparison program with cashback PLUS, a point-scan-purchase process that enables users to see a list of scaled prices and retailers with cashback using an in-app barcode scanner. With this feature, users can scan over 350 million barcodes and find where the item is priced cheaper. This gives them the best options on where they can save more. 

Kerching takes it further by providing entertainment enthusiasts and fans incentives when booking concerts and shows through their shopping website. They also offer money-saving chemist prescription services that come to the rescue by delivering prescriptions to any point in Australia with same day delivery or in some cases, just within two hours. 

The Technology That Makes All The Difference

Kerching’s uniquely developed price drop technology shows its users discounted products worldwide, scanning for sale offers every minute of the day. This allows Kerching users to find the best cost-efficient deals.

Moreover, if users want the product but can’t afford to buy it immediately, they can simply tick the box “Notify Me When The Price Drops” and the Kerching program will automatically notify them when the price of the item drops. A simple but effective set and forget process that ensures that users obtain the best prices available.

To top it all, users can enjoy fast and reliable cashback services enhanced by Kerching’s cashback calculator, which can calculate annual cashback earnings in just 60 seconds. The cashback service in Australia also offers a cashback approval period that cuts the wait time in half. Kerching’s competitors take 90-100 days, while Kerching’s cashback approval only takes 45 days.

As Rebekah Darmody, Founder and Managing Director of Kerching, shares, “We take pride in being innovative and skilled in our industry. We don’t wait for opportunities to present themselves, we search out the best offers and then deliver them back to our members. We believe that no matter your position in society, nobody wants to pay more than what they have to. This is why Kerching is so powerful. It delivers some exclusive benefits that others may have thought about but did nothing,” 

An Exceptional Portfolio in Rewards and Benefits 

Kerching is nailing the game of the online shopping industry not just with its innovative cost-saving features but also with its exceptional experience in the field of corporate rewards and benefits. 

They have been in this industry for 22 years and have worked with some of the largest organisations in Australia, providing them with excellent personalised employee benefits programs. Because of their corporate success, experience, and knowledge in the industry, other online cashback companies have employed them as their marketing consultant for over two years. At the time, they successfully introduced online shopping to benefit Australia’s corporate industry, the first to introduce a fully functional online shopping program.

“Can Kerching badge its program to corporations? Yes! Our program can be white labelled 

in order for companies to increase their public exposure, better employee retention, gain further client satisfaction, communication, and better retention. We can optimise a company’s entire benefits & rewards program in one easy step,” Darmody adds. 

These achievements are a testament to their passion for bringing the best service to their customers, whether it’s online shoppers or the corporate rewards and benefits industry.

Kerching will continue to surprise the online shopping industry as they gear towards launching their new Kerching program within days, a brilliant upgrade from the old program and their expansion plans, taking Kerching to a wider, global scale.

Geoff Darmody

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Read More: Cashback Online Shopping Programs Are Gaining Attention With Analysts Globally. Kerching Is Taking

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