Satyajit Hange: Pursuit of happiness: This marketing professional quit his 9-5 job to start a $4mn

To do what one’s heart desires, is the ultimate goal for many. For some, it may mean quitting a high-paying corporate job for a simpler life.

At a time, when millions of working professionals have been facing burnout and are fantasising about a big reset, someone switching their regular job to pursue something that drives their heart, may come as plain idealism. However, marketing and sales professional Satyajit Hange from Pune stands out as his story is something that would inspire working professionals all over the world.

For Hange, an MBA from Pune University, travelling two hours every day to office and spending nine hours in a cubicle selling products to customers made him feel hollow from inside.

At 32, Hange, who is married and has two children, has been living a secure and prosperous life with all the luxuries that his high-paying job could accord him. Hange recently took to his LinkedIn account to share his
life journey, specifically about ‘something that kept him awake at night’.

Prosperity But No Peace

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According to Hange, having a regular corporate job, an apartment and a car offered prosperity but no peace. “I felt I was living an artificial life where social acceptance played a big role and there was very little satisfaction in daily life,” he wrote.

The former sales manager at Cholamandalam ABS, said that the only time he truly felt alive was when he visited his farms in the village and spent time with nature, animals and breathed in the fresh air. For him the grand epiphany happened on one such trip to his farms. “Why can’t I build a life here and live with nature, close to the soil I was born in, and with the tradition and culture I felt connected to?” he asked himself on one of his trips.

Acting on the thought, Hange decided to quit his job and embark on a unique journey. He started an organic farming business with his brother. The duo founded the company – Two Brothers Organic Farms. However, all of this was not an easy feat. Hange revealed that during the formative years, people thought that he was on the path to making the biggest mistake of his life and that it was some kind of a fantasy that would run its course sooner.

“Everyone thought I had made the biggest mistake of my life and this fantasy is going to become a big failure. My parents were scared, villagers started commenting as we set up the business,” he wrote.

And, They Made It

Hange said that he made a lot of mistakes, as there was little guidance. However, eight years later they eventually made it. As of now the company has an annual turnover of USD 4 million without any institutional funding or debt. The brothers have been able to employ over 200 people from local villages, work with over 5000 indigenous cows, sell organic farm produce to over 53 countries and have sequestered an impressive 70,000 tons of CO2 in his farms.

Hange said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioning his business in Mann Ki Baat, Vogue rating them as the No.1 organic farming brand in India, and Facebook making them its India brand ambassadors are among his biggest accomplishments. Their success story led IIM-A to invite them to address their students.

In his long post, Hange went on to enumerate on the things that gave him a sense of fulfilment. Waking up every morning to breathe fresh air and soak in the sun; working in the field and feeling connected to the soil; spending time with animals, and staying close to his parents and birth place, are the things that offer Hange the ultimate satisfaction.

“My ultimate goal is to inspire more people to start farming, make farming more attractive and get more talented people in the industry,” concluded Hange.

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