Asylum Applications in EU Reached New High in August

The European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA) has announced that the number of asylum applications registered in August reached a new high since 2015/2016.

According to EUAA, around 84,500 asylum applications were lodged in the EU countries in August, with Afghans and Syrians accounting for the highest number, reports.

Nationals of Afghan (12,100), as well as nationals of Syria (11,900), lodged about 30 per cent more applications in August, registering an increase of 16 per cent from July.

“About 84 500 asylum applications were lodged in the EU+ in August, a new monthly record since the so-called “refugee crisis” of 2015-2016. Both Afghans (12 100) and Syrians (11 900) lodged around 30 per cent more applications, driving an overall increase of 16 per cent from July,” the statement of EUAA reads.

Nationals of other countries also filed a high number of applications in one of the EU countries in August. Data provided by EUAA show that 4,600 Turkish nationals 4,200 Indians, and 1,900 Moroccans lodged asylum applications in August.

On the other hand, the number of applications lodged by Pakistani, Tunisian, and Georgian applicants, among others, remained consistent with recent trends.

EUAA highlights that the number of applications recorded in August 2022 alone corresponds to around half of the number observed between September and November 2015. In addition, the EUAA report has found out that those who filed asylum applications in the EU in August, mainly Afghan nationals, used the Western Balkan route in order to reach the EU.

Apart from registering a high number of asylum applications, the EU countries continued to also record Ukrainians applying for temporary protection status in August. Data show that around 255,000 registrations for temporary protection were carried out in August.

“Taken together, asylum applications and registrations for temporary protection have surpassed 5 million in 2022 so far,” EUAA stressed.

In addition to the above-mentioned, EUAA pointed out that the number of applications made by unaccompanied minors increased in August too. Unaccompanied minors represented around six per cent of all applicants in August, representing an increase of four per cent compared to June.

“The main drivers of the latest increase were unaccompanied minors from Afghanistan and Syria, both increasing by 40-50 per cent from July,” EUAA added.

Regarding first-instance decisions, the EUAA revealed that the EU asylum authorities issued about 55,400 first-assistance decisions in August, thus reaching the second-highest level in two years.

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