Red Sparowes drummer David Clifford in medical debt due to rare disorder

Red Sparowes drummer David Clifford has launched a GoFundMe to help pay for medical bills. A COVID-19 booster shot David received last November resulted in his diagnosis of Guillain-Barré Syndrome and subsequent paralyzation according to his sister Michelle, who started the campaign.

Guillain-Barre Syndrome causes the body’s immune system to attack the nerves. What causes the disorder is not completely understood but can result from respiratory or gastrointestinal infections, COVID-19, ZIka, or vaccines.

Despite his treatment and recovery, his medical bills remain. In her explanation of David’s situation, his sister said:

“Hi there, this is Michelle Clifford. My brother Dave needs some help from crowdsourcing to get through their medical bill situation; any little amount is so much appreciated, and it adds up and helps his little family out!

Following a COVID booster shot on his birthday last November, he had a bad reaction and became sick with symptoms. Dave was struck with a mysterious and rare disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome which quickly, frighteningly rendered him paralyzed in his legs and arms, while traveling no less.

It can be fatal if not treated quickly, as it causes the immune system to attack the nervous system… slowly working its way to attack the heart and other vital organs. Fortunately, he has now made a complete recovery. However, medical bills for his time in the hospital and treatment have now reached over $22,000.

He has been very reluctant to ask for help from friends and strangers. But with a young child at home, spiraling inflation and the slowdown of the music business, he’s feeling the impact. If you can help us with a donation to help quickly pay off these hospital bills, I know he would greatly appreciate it. Even the smallest donation you can make will help. Or, if you can share this with others who might be able to help, that would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thank you thank you all… Michelle”

Clifford added more in a Facebook post:

Today closes out a year that’s been full of challenges. I came close to dying just after my birthday last year, becoming temporarily paralyzed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome after a Covid booster shot.* Luckily, according to the doctors, because I’m an active runner and drummer, my nervous system recovered very quickly. But, the cost of treatment has created additional challenges. I’ve been reluctant to ask for help, but any small part to help chip away at this would be much appreciated. Even just spreading the word. Thank you, you’re the best!

* In NO way do I want to suggest I think vaccines are bad or anything remotely like it. My body just happened to react badly to mixing 2 different vaccinations. I still will get more shots whenever needed. You should too.

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2022-11-04 23:10:04

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