Marketing trends for Nov. 4, 2022

This week’s marketing winners, losers and newsmakers.


Victoria’s Secret: The retailer said it was buying direct-to-consumer lingerie competitor Adore Me for $400 million. The acquisition will give parent company VS&Co. more digital reach and access to the digital brand’s younger consumers, who primarily get their goods via Adore Me’s subscription service.

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General Motors: As other brands issue vague statements about how they will handle Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, GM took a stand, saying late last week that it would temporarily suspend advertising on the platform. It not only got the automaker out front on the issue—which has gotten more attention this week as more concerns arise about how Musk will handle the spread of misinformation on the platform—but it served as a subtle dig at the leader of a GM competitor (Tesla).

Blake Mompher: The 9-year-old Ohio boy scored a year’s supply of McDonald’s fries from a local franchise that was impressed by his Halloween costume. Mompher, who was born with Spina bifida, dressed up as McD’s fries, with his brother accompanying him as a packet of ketchup. The costume, and prize, garnered plenty of media attention. The Columbus Dispatch, quoting his dad, reported that “Blake’s custom Halloween costumes have become an annual tradition for the family, since it can be difficult to find costumes that offer enough mobility in his wheelchair.”

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