See Netflix’s first-ever beer ads

On traditional TV, beer and liquor brands have long adhered to self-regulations that govern the type of programming on which their spots can run. For instance, the Beer Institute, a beer trade group, mandates that brewers only run ads in ​​magazines, newspapers, TV, radio and digital media where adults of legal drinking age make up at least 73.6 percent of the audience.

Netflix of course straddles the line between digital and TV, but beer ad targeting could benefit from data collected from subscribers.

The World Federation of Public Health Associations has lobbied Netflix not to accept alcohol ads. In an Oct. 18 letter sent to Netflix Chairman Reed Hastings, the group stated that ​​“with strong evidence showing the link between alcohol advertising and alcohol use and, subsequently, harm, it is imperative that Netflix takes action to ensure that alcohol advertising isn’t a part of the platform.”

Amazon Prime’s policy, outlined on its website, bans wine, beer and spirits ads in the U.S., Canada, Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. The prohibition does not cover alcohol content featured in non-alcohol ads (such as in a movie trailer), but “ad content must not encourage, glamorize or depict excessive consumption of alcohol,” according to the website.

Disney+, which will debut its ad-supported tier in December. Disney will not accept alcohol ads. 

This story has been updated with a statement from Netflix.

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2022-11-02 11:03:44

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