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Our country hasn’t experienced inflation rise this high and fast in over 40 years. The impact of these record increases is being felt particularly hard by our seniors on fixed incomes, veterans, and families. It’s time we support people and prioritize spending in ways that will make Massachusetts affordable and competitive.

As a City Councilor and Mayor, my priorities as a fiscal watchdog were to ensure we kept taxes affordable, reduced wasteful spending, and maintained the City’s financial stability. I feel we accomplished those goals, and I was a part of that success.

As your State Representative for Pawtucketville, Centralville, North Chelmsford and the Westlands, I will continue to use my experience to watch your tax dollars and priority one would be to cut taxes and spending while our residents are being crushed by inflation and escalating costs. There are ways to direct savings to working families through the tax code and targeted relief. I intend to do just that.

First and foremost, it is time to put the $3 billion surplus back into the pockets of the taxpayers. This will provide some much-needed relief from rising utility costs, gas at the pump, groceries, and basic items we all need to live. Voters approved that ballot question at the polls some 40 years ago. We can’t conveniently ignore it now because it finally worked in the favor of the taxpayer.

State reserves are at historic levels. I support Gov. Charlie Baker’s $700 million comprehensive tax relief proposal which would provide substantial tax relief for hundreds of thousands of our residents and benefit seniors and low-income and working families who need help now.

In addition, the pending economic development bill left on the table last legislative session provides direct financial assistance to many communities and benefits Lowell and Chelmsford specifically with monies for important community projects like Lowell High School and Vinal Square.

Who we elect to the House of Representatives will have a major impact on our lives. Under the leadership of State Representative Tom Golden, he was able to secure important State funding for Lowell and North Chelmsford. As your State Representative, on day one, I go to work for you, hardworking residents of the District, just as I did as your City Councilor and Mayor.

My experience and knowledge of budgeting will bring practical solutions to State government. I will provide accessible and immediate constituent services right in your neighborhood. Making Massachusetts affordable for all members of our community is essential. The residents of the 16th Middlesex District deserves someone who will fight for them, and my record proves I will.

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2022-11-02 23:58:50

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