Cabell County Sheriff gives heads up about delinquent tax change

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) – Cabell County Sheriff Chuck Zerkle is giving a heads up to tax payers to stay on top of their property taxes.

There’s a new system for handling delinquent properties that allows for less time for error if you don’t pay.

Every year, Zerkle’s office is required to certify all delinquent real estate property to state tax auditors on October 31.

In the past, there would be a sale mid-November to sell off delinquent property.

“Companies and individuals would buy it, once they bought it, the time clock starts for the original owners to get their property back, which was about 18 months,” Zerkle said.

With the new system, the state will have the sale between April and June.

120 days after a property is sold, whoever bought it gets a deed to it if no one speaks up or pays their taxes.

“If I bought your house or your property, I could go to an attorney and start obtaining a deed, and however fast I can get it, maybe 60 to 100 days or so, I could have a valid deed to your property and tell you to vacate the premises,” Zerkle said.

That changes the time to catch a mistake from 18 months to just 120 days.

“So it could happen very fast,” Zerkle said.

This year already, the sheriff’s office has identified 703 delinquent properties.

“If nothing happens and people don’t start redeeming these, whatever’s left in May and June they’ll come down and sell those properties,” Zerkle said.

If you get a red paper from the auditor’s office in the mail, be sure to pay your property tax.

The simple solution to this is to pay your taxes on time.

If you’re not sure where you stand, or need to get on a payment plan to get caught up, you can call the auditor’s office.

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2022-11-02 10:25:00

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