50 Franchise CMOs Who Are Changing the Game

The American Marketing Association defines the role of chief marketing officer (CMO) as that of the highest-level marketing position within a company. It’s a position that comes with a lot of responsibility, not the least of which includes the very direction and strategy of the brand’s comprehensive marketing platform. The job title for those who oversee all marketing efforts goes by many names, including SVP or VP of marketing, chief growth officer, chief brand officer, chief experience officer, chief growth officer, or even chief strategy officer. Whatever the name, filling this role is a tough job in any industry, but franchising’s internal and external-facing components make these responsibilities vitally important to the success of the brand, as well as its franchisees.

Chief marketers in the franchising industry need a thorough understanding of their B2B target market (the recruitment of new franchisees), as well as their B2C target market (their product or service target market). It’s a careful balancing act in which they must cover the bases among the traditional marketing channels, yet still function as an innovative “change agent.” For these marketing pros, that’s the price to pay to remain relevant in franchising’s hyper-competitive business environment.

In celebration of top marketing officers who meet (and exceed) this challenge every day, Entrepreneur is proud to share a select list of the most influential men and women in the franchising industry who are representative of this all-important role. Aside from the contributions they provide on behalf of their respective organizations, it’s important to discover how each of these individuals approaches the challenge of being an effective marketing lead. As you’ll note, their hard work, innovative thinking and creative pursuits are advancing the franchising industry as a whole. And that kind of accomplishment simply deserves to be celebrated.

The preceding slideshow features some of franchising’s “Best of the Best” marketing officers, as nominated by their peers in the industry. Click through to discover what makes each one of these game-changers special and worthy of our respect and admiration.

1. Abby Fogel

Company Name: Unleashed Brands

Title: VP of Marketing & Brand Relations

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abby-gruber/


Name one impactful thing you’ve done to innovate, create, inspire or grow your brand this year. 

“I don’t think it’s one big thing, but a lot of little things added together. I took on a new role as VP of marketing and brand relations at Unleashed Brands in December 2021. Over the past nine months, I’ve been working to drive franchise development marketing efforts from a strategy and execution standpoint and hit our signing goals. This was a newly created position where I’ve been able to build a small team and create new processes to support our recruiters and showcase our category-leading brands to future franchisees. At the same time, I’ve been working to build overall awareness of Unleashed Brands as the No. 1 youth enrichment franchise platform. We have been laser-focused on educating the market on our platform, services and culture.”

What challenges do marketers face that are unique to franchising?

“The jobs of marketers within a franchise system are wide-reaching. Everything from consumer marketing, franchise development marketing, analytics, brand compliance, internal communication and more. Franchise marketers have to be able to create an easy-to-execute strategy for franchisees to grow their businesses with the tools and resources at their fingertips. From a franchise development marketing standpoint, marketers have to not only educate potential buyers on the opportunity but also on the franchise industry as a whole.”

What others had to say about this franchise CMO game-changer:

“Abby represents multi-brand marketing at its best! While she handles FranDev for Unleashed Brands and their portfolio, she thinks differently about how to approach cross-selling on both the consumer and FranDev sides of things. She’s also one of the Franchise 500’s Top Influential Women in Franchising and on the IFA’s Women Franchising Committee. She is reinventing the traditional FranDev marketing motions, and other marketers should definitely take some pages out of her playbook!”

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2. Alex Pericchi

Company Name: PuroClean

Title: VP of Marketing & Online Learning

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexpericchi/


Name one impactful thing you’ve done to innovate, create, inspire or grow your brand this year.

“Communication has always been very important to the PuroClean network, and at times, we provide more information than the network can consume. It became a topic of conversation during our Network Leadership Council (NLC) and our executive team meeting. Understanding the value of all the communications we continually send, and that different locations and users benefit differently from them, we decided to develop a communication tool to provide a simple way to provide content based on needs. With that in mind, we met with our team and one of our marketing partners, and following many hours of drafting, planning and capturing the essence of what we wanted to deliver, we produced the PuroClean App to be used by our franchise network. The essence of this tool is its ability to deliver only the messages that the user wants, and to provide quick access to them, as well as a link tree with commonly used resources and a directory of franchise owners as well as home office team members.”

What challenges do marketers face that are unique to franchising?

“In my opinion, these are the top five challenges: 1) Setting and maintaining standards that benefit the whole network. 2) Creating a culture that begins with the home office and that has buy-in by franchise owners, a culture that they are willing to adopt and share. 3) Communicating. 4) Finding solutions to problems in a way that benefits the whole network and not just a few can be challenging, and, more often than not, to find the best solution, you must dig deep and involve multiple company departments and franchise owners. 5) Growing. Growth as a challenge is quite unique to franchising; simple tasks that are manageable at a certain size can become a challenge as the network size increases. When planning your marketing, think of the network’s needs at the moment, but also think about how this solution scales when you become two or three times the current size, as it may lead you on a different path.”

What others had to say about this franchise CMO game-changer:

“Alex is one of our greatest assets. He is always thinking of ways to inspire change and create new initiatives that drive our brand forward. Not only does he push the creative boundaries, but he leads by example and jumps in to work alongside his team. He never asks anyone to do anything he wouldn’t do and teaches by leading. He is truly a cornerstone of our brand, and we know we would not have found the success we have had without him as our marketing visionary. I cannot think of another individual more deserving of this esteemed recognition.”

3. Amy Phillips

Company Name: Altitude Trampoline Park

Title: President and CMO

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amy-phillips-21050930/


Name one impactful thing you’ve done to innovate, create, inspire or grow your brand this year.

“In my role as CMO this year, I’ve launched major brand-wide initiatives such as our partnership with the American Heart Association — including events, fundraisers, and the first-ever National Jumpathon. We also created a call center to streamline event and park bookings. Additionally, I’m proud to have led the charge on rolling out our innovative Endless Jumps membership program, which drove double-digit sales increases at several participating locations over the past year.”

What challenges do marketers face that are unique to franchising?

“Today’s media landscape is incredibly complex and changing every day. Franchisees rely on us as marketers to know the ins and outs of new strategies and platforms, because there is so much more than there used to be. It can become very overwhelming for franchisees to manage all aspects of local store marketing on their own. They rely on us to make those hard decisions for them when it comes to deciding which channels they should be utilizing to reach consumers, as well as the value of utilizing one medium over another.”

What others had to say about this franchise CMO game-changer:

“Phillips joined Altitude Trampoline Park in 2020 and quickly rose through the ranks to chief marketing officer. She sprang into action with major brand-wide initiatives such as Altitude Trampoline Park’s widely successful membership program. Her work also has resulted in overarching, company-changing initiatives. Her marketing and brand activation prowess has only grown over the course of her career as she continuously creates and delivers high-flying results through a wide variety of campaigns, including one that earned her national recognition as the American Marketing Association’s Marketer of the Year in 2012.”

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