AutoEI expresses determination to ensure manufacture of electric vehicles

Despite several challenges bedeviling Nigeria’s quest to locally manufacture cars and other vehicles, the Automotive and Locomotive Engineers Institute (AutoEI) has expressed its willingness work towards realizing the dream of manufacturing electric vehicles locally.

The Chairman of AutoEI, Engr. Abubakar Jamare, gave the assurance recently during the 12th national conference and annual general meeting the of the organization in Abuja.

He said AutoEI will be willing to partner stakeholders to increase Nigeria’s industrialization drive which will create jobs and shore up the value chain as well .

According to him, there are lots of steps to deploying electric vehicles.

He said, “the charging infrastructure and access to energy are extremely important . Electric vehicles (EVs) need to charge for at least 30 minutes averagely to reach a full charge.

“However, access to electricity in the country is still minimal. Another challenge is bad roads which can easily damage the electric motors driving the EVs. These and several other challenges are therefore research areas for Nigerian Engineers to come up with the ways to overcome the challenges in order to  facilitate the realization of this big dream.

“Hence the need to bring together leaders of thought in the public/private sectors, the industry, academia, NGOs and professional engineering community to disseminate knowledge , x-ray the prospects and challenges of EVs in an attempt to proffer implementable solutions towards the envisaged problems of EVs.”

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Read More: AutoEI expresses determination to ensure manufacture of electric vehicles

2022-10-30 12:25:33

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