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The price of gold (XAU) today, as of 9:33am, is INR 4,356 per gram of 24-carat gold. It’s down 0.08% on yesterday’s close of INR 4,359, up 2.01% on last week and down 2.32% on one month ago.

The 52-week gold price high is INR 4,591, while the 52-week gold price low is INR 4,268.

The price per gram of 22-carat gold is INR 3,992.

Gold Rate Today in India

Gold ROI

If you purchased a gram of 24-carat gold at today’s price of INR 4,356 and sold it in 10 years at an average annualized return of 10%, you’d earn approximately INR 7,483 in interest, assuming daily compounding.

If you want to start investing in gold digitally, there are a few ways to do so. Digital gold is a method by which you can invest in the yellow metal in small fractions anytime and anywhere with the convenience of digital access to the commodity. Keep in mind you may owe taxes on any gains you realize.

Gold Price Over Time

The 24-carat gold price decreased by 0.08% from yesterday’s closing price. Overall, the price of gold has moved up this year. But over the past 90 days, it has fallen to its current price. Gold’s price today is in line with its average for the first half of the year of INR 4,356 per gram of 24-carat gold.

*The gold price data above is provided by Zyla Labs, which sources asset price data from a wide range of sources. This gold price represents an average of spot gold prices on several leading metals exchanges.

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2022-09-23 05:00:14

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