Multnomah County won’t tax first $50,000 of manufactured homes’ value

Multnomah County commissioners voted unanimously Thursday to reduce property taxes for residents of manufactured homes.

Effective next year, the county will not tax manufactured homeowners on the first $50,000 of their home’s value. If a manufactured home is valued at $50,001, the homeowner will receive a tax bill only for the $1.

Previously, the county exempted manufactured homes that were valued at $38,000 or less from property taxes. But if a homeowner’s property value went up even a dollar over that threshold, they’d have to pay taxes on its entire value. For a manufactured home valued just above $38,000, that would equal an approximately $750 tax bill.

“That could mean food on the table or a home loan payment,” said Commissioner Susheela Jayapal.

The county has close to 5,000 manufactured homes — also known as mobile homes — many of them concentrated in east Multnomah County. As property values continue to rise, commissioners said they hope the new policy will extend the benefits of the tax exemption to all those residents.

Commissioners noted that those who live in manufactured housing are more likely to be lower income, people of color and single parents.

The increased tax exemption will cut into county revenue, however. County Assessor Mike Vaughn said it would lead to about $3 million in lost revenue to all the county’s taxing districts.

But commissioners said it was an important step toward keeping mobile homes affordable, particularly for people who have recently experienced homelessness.

— Jayati Ramakrishnan

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2022-09-22 15:56:00

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