Sliker says a casino approached her for a sponsored Twitch gambling stream that would pay off her

Since Sliker had the cash to help Twitch viewers and streamers and to assist his gambling addiction, the streamers managed to find the right solution.

Felix xQc Lengyel and Ludwig Ahgren have joined forces to repay those that he deceived. Imane Pokimane Anys is asking for Twitch to block sponsored gambling streams.

According to Sliker, a casino gave him an ironic way to pay the debt by hosting a series of sponsored gambling streams for them.

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I just got on a casino call, saying to Hasan Piker and Mizkif while he was in the town’s call on the telephone. They said they would help me pay off the people if I do a sponsored stream for them.

Hasan couldn’t believe that the casino had the gaul to make an offer like this. He held the hands with a bemused hand over his face. Mizkif, as well, pointed out the irony. She says: Fire with fire!

Sliker told them he knocked back the recent Twitch offer because it would not make any sense, given the fact that his gambling addiction is the one who forced him into such a terrible situation.

The underfire streamer didn’t show whose company it was.

Hasan described the offer as a crime before transferring to the prison. She told Sliker that she needed to act as an adult and take responsibility for her actions, and to be active and respectful of his gambling addiction.

Mizkif offered to help him pay off the debt and claims that he has already got someone looking into it. Apart from that, the casino company that offered a sponsorship deal to Sliker doesn’t think it should be considered to be a major competitor.

Sliker appreciated the pair of pairs help in the stream.

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2022-09-18 23:20:04

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