Duluth’s creek-spanning midcentury modern ‘stilt house’ lists for $750,000

After growing up in homes designed by architects, Peter Gesell became something of an architecture buff. So it was game over when he and his partner Liz Flink found a midcentury modern home suspended over a creek flowing into Lake Superior.

“It’s unique, one of a kind,” said Gesell of the Duluth home. “The fact that it’s built over a creek – you could never do that again.”

They soon learned that locals had nicknamed it the stilt house. “That’s what they call it. When I say I live in the stilt house, people know exactly what I’m talking about.”

Gesell and Flink owned the unique home for 17 years, enjoying not only its architecture, but its 2,450 square feet of space. Now that their children are grown, they’ve listed the three-bedroom home, which features three en suite bathrooms and an indoor pool.

Listing agent Karen Rue described the house as an engineering feat.

“It’s one of a kind because it’s kind of like we’re selling a steel bridge that happens to have a house on top,” she said. “Therein lies the…

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2022-09-12 10:02:19

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