Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Solve All Mystical Cave Puzzles | Solutions Guide

Blazing through the Mystical Cave with these simple solutions.

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Never thought you’d be solving puzzles in Disney Dreamlight Valley, did you? Merlin leads you into the Mystical Cave early in the game, and if you want to get through all three magic gates, you’ll need to learn some skills and solve three riddles. Each puzzle is related to a skill you’ll want to master in the main game — hunting gems, growing crops, and cooking recipes. This is all part of the “With Great Power…” quest to earn the Orb of Power.

This might be a chill game, but these puzzles aren’t as easy as you might think. You need to be on the right wavelength to solve them, so if you’re looking for a little help to breeze through this part of the adventure, here’s the solutions for all three puzzles.

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Mystical Cave Puzzle #1: How To Solve The Three Gems Puzzle

For the first puzzle, you need to place specific stones into the hands of the three statues. Each statue has a different type of gem hanging around their neck — to unlock the magic gate, you need to place a mineral in the hands of each statue.

  • Statue #1: Green Statue – Place a Peridot. To acquire one, use the pickaxe to mine mineral deposits in Peaceful Meadows.
  • Statue #2: Blue Statue – Place a Aquamarine. To acquire one, use the pickaxe to mine mineral deposits in the Forest of Valor / Dazzle Beach.
  • Statue #3: Red Statue – Place a Garnet. To acquire one, use the pickaxe to mine mineral deposits in the Main Plaza.

Go to each location in the realm and mine deposits with colored stones on the outside — it a mineral deposit is glowing green, then you know you’ll get a peridot when you mine it. Even if you mine mineral nodes without the exact color you’re looking for, there’s a chance you’ll get a different gemstone. Mine all the mineral deposits you can in Peaceful Meadows, Dazzle Beach, the Main Plaza or Forest of Valor to get the stones you need to solve the puzzles.

Mystical Cave Puzzle #2: How To Solve The Crop Planting Puzzle

Next, we’ll enter another room with three cryptic statues — the statues all have a message and a plot of ground you can plant seeds in. To solve this puzzle, you need to plant the correct seed in front of each statue. The statues give a small clue for the type of crop you’ll need to plant.

After planting the seed, you also need to make the crop grow. Use the watering can to water the seeds — once all three are fully grown, you’ll complete the puzzle.

  • Statue #1: Underground – Plant a carrot seed on the plot. Carrot seeds can be purchased in Peaceful Meadows.
  • Statue #2: Gold & Brown – Plant a wheat seed on the plot. Wheat seeds can also be purchased in Peaceful Meadows.
  • Statue #3: Red & Round – Plant a tomato seed on the plot. Tomato seeds can be purchased in Dazzle Beach.

To solve the puzzle, get one seed of each type listed above and plant it at the matching statue. You can buy seeds from Goofy at his stall in different areas — it costs coins, but you only need to buy one. In the same areas where you can purchase, you can also find if you search the area.

Mystical Cave Puzzle #3: How To Solve The Cooking Puzzle

The final puzzle is about eating. You’ll need to cook recipes and eat them — you can even make this easier with a recipe. Smash the rocks and open the chest to collect the Veggie Pasta Recipe. But you don’t need it. You can solve this puzzle by combining all the crops you just grew in the nearby cooker.

  • Solution: Use the cooker and cook the Veggie Pasta recipe (Carrot + Wheat + Tomato) — after cooking the recipe, eat it! After eating the Veggie Pasta, the magic gate will unlock.

And that solves all three Mystical Cave puzzles. There’s so much more to do in Dreamlight Valley, so go out there and continue exploring, making friends, and cooking up even more delicious recipes.

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