Integrity In Information: Forex Trading Expert Tim Nguyen On Educating People About The Market

The foreign exchange market is an intimidating and complicated place. But for the forex trading expert, Tim Nguyen, hard work and honesty can go a long way. Being one of the pioneers and prime movers of KienThucForex, Tim has always been passionate about educating and helping the public explore and learn the ins and outs of forex trading.

From his humble beginnings in Vietnam, Tim has proven to be a guiding force in the financial market, especially in the foreign exchange landscape. Together with a team of highly experienced and motivated youths, Tim launched KienThucForex. He and his colleagues believe that learning the tricks of the trade doesn’t have to cost an individual a fortune. Tim thinks that if he can do it, so as everyone.

Free valuable knowledge, easy-to-access articles, welcoming community, are the perks that a person can have by just joining Tim and the TienThucForex team. With objectivity and honesty as his core value, Tim Nguyen uses his expertise in foreign exchange trading to educate traders without forcing them to get him or anyone in particular to be their broker. Tim and his team respect the trader’s decisions. So from choosing the right broker to controlling his or her currency, Tim doesn’t enforce his authority. Instead, he is there to give insights, advice, and directions to the right places.

From newbies to experts, KienThucForex offers trading and technical analyses, forex broker guides, and regular reports for everyone to study and review. Tim understands the “heartaches” of being a forex trader. That is why he upholds integrity when it comes to his business. Even after all of the proposals and invites that he is getting from his emails about partnerships and promotions from several brokers, he stood his ground and avoid suspicious brokers. As also mentioned on the KienThucForex website, they never PR to unreputable forex brokers to harm traders.

Tim and his team consider that forex trading is more like speculation. As viewed from their lenses, traders mainly focus on price movements in order to profit from short-term market fluctuations due to the innate volatility of the forex market. Furthermore, with honesty and emphasis, Tim and the KienThucForex team compared forex investing as a form of gambling. But Tim Nguyen isn’t here to gamble against the traders. He is here to instruct and inspire everyone that is interested to play the so-called “gamble”, forex trading.

When asked about what is forex like, Tim Nguyen and the KienThucForex say it is something strange but relatively familiar. Any country or even any individual participates in this kind of exchange actively or inactively. On the website, they illustrated that the very act of importing goods from foreign countries and selling them to local consumers is also a way of foreign exchange. In simplest terms, they summarized the explanation that any exchange between a local currency to a foreign currency is clear proof of an individual participating in forex.

As for the question is being a forex trader is a profession or not, Tim and KienThucForex firmly stated that it varies from one person to another. Forex trading is not a profession for people who are just willing to only spend their free or extra time in the day, after working hours with the objective of having a small return. Similarly, it is not a profession for traders who just want to experience a new type of investment with relatively small capital and a low level of risk tolerance. But as for the people who failed several times but still invested not only assets but time and effort to try and try again, for the people who used the experience and knowledge to gradually learn the “tricks of the trade”, trading is a real profession. A full-time trader enjoys a flexible schedule and the freedom to still experience life’s precious moments without being constantly tethered to the chosen profession.

Also mentioned on the website, KienThucForex also thinks that the opportunity in joining and thriving in the forex trading industry is an even playing field. A trader doesn’t have to be swimming in certificates and qualifications. They don’t even have to be a degree holder or a certificate collector to do it. By just participating in trader training courses, finance courses, and market forums, forex trading is an achievable skill and career.

In light of the accessibility and convenience of learning forex trading, KienThucForex is offering classes and articles for free. Just by going to their website where there’s an abundance of forex-related information, a willing and self-disciplined individual will be equipped with the necessary tools in order to kickstart or enhance their trading career.

The saying “cheap is mine, free is a waste” isn’t always true. In KienThucForex, a trader-to-be can save thousands of dollars by enrolling in countless online courses about forex trading by just simply reading and self-studying using the instruments readily available on the website.

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