Klarna extends shopping app to track all online purchases

Klarna is extending its app to allow UK consumers to view their full online order history, regardless of whether they are purchased using Klarna, as part of its bid to become a general-purpose shopping companion.

The new feature provides consumers with a single dashboard providing a full inventory of their purchase history and product details – including images and prices, order and delivery status, package location and pickup information – eliminating the time-consuming effort of sifting through multiple emails or tracking parcel information across different delivery apps.

To activate the service consumers connect their email accounts to their Klarna App. The app then identifies online purchase confirmation emails and imports key data such as product images and price, delivery tracking number, carrier, parcel tracking into the Klarna App. The feature is compatible today with Gmail and Outlook.

Order tracking information is shown in the ‘All Orders’ dashboard in the Klarna App and consumers can also follow the journey of the parcel on the real time tracking map and be able to retrieve pickup codes if collecting from a self-service or centralised location.

Alex Marsh, head of Klarna UK says: “At Klarna we’re always trying to help customers save time and money, and give them more control over their personal finances regardless of whether they purchase with Klarna or not. So our customers have asked for a tool to help manage all online orders in one place removing the need to switch back and forth between platforms to keep track of everything.”

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2022-08-15 01:51:10

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