Is Coca-Cola’s marketing team okay?

There was once a time you might have mocked your pals for picking up Coke flavours like Vanilla or Cherry. But the Coca-Cola marketing team has made these obscure flavours look totally normal with some utterly bizarre new flavours over the last year that have made me ask the question – what the heck is going on?

A  few months ago Coke launched its new series of flavours called “Coca-Cola Creations” which included variations of the soft drink such as ‘Starlight’, ‘Byte’ and musician Marshmello’s strawberry and watermelon coke. But its new ‘Dreamworld’ flavour might be the cherry on the peculiar Coke cake. While we are all for an out-there marketing campaign, there is something so odd about having an entire drinks campaign around flavours that well, simply don’t exist right? This isn’t the first weird campaign we’ve seen, to celebrate our 10-year anniversary we looked back on the most controversial ad campaigns of 2013

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2022-08-11 07:08:21

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