I Got Apple’s New M2 MacBook Air M2. This Is Why It’s Still Sitting In Its Box Two Weeks Later

Apple’s latest processor, the M2, is regarded as the new gold standard in the brand’s computing lineup. The new M2 MacBook Air is not only faster than ever, but boasts a sleek redesign with a larger display, all-day battery life, and a MagSafe charger, so Apple says. Despite receiving my long-awaited M2 MacBook Air weeks ago, I wouldn’t know. It’s still sitting in the box it arrived in. 

It’s not because I’ve discovered a problem with the new M2 Air (as some have). In fact, it’s because there isn’t a problem with my old 2017 Air.

Unlike many Apple fans, I don’t chase the latest tech or wait in lines to be the first to buy its newest models. Instead, I wait as long as possible before buying a new Apple product, getting everything I can out of my old devices. I’m not exactly any brand’s ideal customer. However, I am part of Apple’s target audience. 

Apple is one of the world’s most valuable brands, in part due to its ability to attract both early and late adopters. While brand loyalty is often chalked up to marketing, Apple’s brand loyalty is not simply the result of its marketing efforts. It goes to show that you don’t need multimillion-dollar marketing budgets to build a loyal customer base

Don’t Just Go After Early Adopters 

One mistake that many companies make is focusing solely on chasing consumers who relish in the delight of purchasing new products. As practical as it might sound, it represents a small share of the market and it creates a cycle of chasing the next best thing. While businesses should always be seeking ways to innovate and optimize, targeting an audience that feeds off of the latest and greatest often means quick iterations. This can be a good thing, but it can often result in rushed production and products that aren’t as great as they could be. 

Your Value Should Be Higher Than Your Price Tag  

After getting my first Mac in college, and using a chunk of my savings to do so, I realized that Macs really were the superior product. I spent an amount that made a dent in my bank account at 20, but what I got was unlike any computer I had previously had: one that had value. 

Before my first MacBook, I would need to buy a new laptop every couple of years. Spending what was then $500 or so every year felt like a lot–and it was. Because while I hesitated to spend double that on what I figured would be the same value, it turned out to be a far better deal when the MacBook lasted year after year. A Mac may cost more up front, but it costs less in the long run. 

Give Consumers a Reason To Stay (Not Just a Reason To Buy) 

Speaking of high value, give customers a reason to stay, not just a reason to buy over and over again. Instead of building something new to make people buy the next best thing, give them a product that is so good they don’t necessarily want the latest and greatest. It’s not a short-term profit-generating strategy, but it is a great way to build a loyal customer base–if not, a cult following. 

There are dozens of different laptops on the market, but Apple is the only brand I considered. While they all probably do their jobs, Apple does an excellent job of producing a product that I have great confidence in–and why I’m admittedly part of its cult following. Because as I keep using my five-year-old MacBook as the brand new one (purchased via a work-from-home stipend) sits in the box it arrived in, I know if my old Air is still this good, the new one must be really great. 

In fact, I know I won’t be disappointed because I’ve waited so long to upgrade, that I’ll really feel a difference. I’m sure once I do finally make the switch, I won’t want to let it go when the next best thing comes out–just like I’m doing now with my 2017 Air. 

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2022-08-11 00:18:39

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